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About Us

North Florida Sports (“NFS”), formally known as North Florida Suns, is a 501(c)(3) organization, is a premier program that aims at teaching and developing youth basketball players in Northeast Florida. We emphasize individual skill development, team concepts, and “situational” basketball drills so that players may excel in any program. The goal of NFS is to provide a positive environment in which players become skilled in the fundamentals of basketball.

Currently focusing on basketball, NFS has 3 levels of participation:

I. Training & Development
II. Travel Basketball
III. Competitive Travel Basketball

Suns Travel Basketball Team Mission:

● To train and build strong basketball fundamental skills.

● To work as a team and respect the game and its participants.

● To compete and pursue victory.

● To practice hard and encourage others to do the same.

● To display good sportsmanship and character.

● Enjoy the game.